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World Wetlands Day: A Celebration

We know water is the life-source of thriving ecosystems and a flourishing world. But did you know that wetlands are also essential for the health & well-being of our planet?  


This year is the 50th Anniversary of World Wetlands Day, and we want to take a moment to appreciate these natural wonders that support all life on earth.  

Water and wetlands are intertwined in their ability to care for us. In fact, wetlands act like kidneys for the environment, improving water quality by intercepting and filtering land driven pollutants and nutrients. This is incredibly beneficial for us, and for the many species and vast biodiversity that call wetlands home.  

Australia is lucky enough to be home to 66 Ramsar sites (wetlands of international importance) across all states and territories. This means ample opportunities to visit your local Ramsar wetland and take action to protect them by becoming a citizen scientist or joining regular CVA wetland clean up events in your state.  

Why do they need our help? Wetlands are often the first ecosystems to be reclaimed or developed, and as a result over 50% of our wetlands have already been lost. 

What they offer to the world around them is invaluable. Not only are these unique environments home to immense biological diversity, such as marine life and vast numbers of migratory shorebirds, but they provide ‘ecosystem services’ for the greater natural world. Wetlands are crucial for climate adaption by reducing flooding and delaying droughts. They can also capture carbon 30 – 50 times faster than forests, which in itself is a hot commodity! 

They play a crucial part in providing nature with a home, and supporting all life on earth, keeping us safe. 

So, let’s look after our wetlands, and play our part to care for nature, so it can care for us.

You can tell us about your experience with protecting the wetlands by joining the conversation this World Wetlands Day using #RestoreWetlands #WorldWetlandsDay on social.

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Keen to get involved?

Find out more about our #SeaToSource project, and the work we’re doing alongside amazing volunteers to protect our waterways.