World Oceans Day 2022

Where the ocean meets the sea meets the land meets us. Photo by Sam Rye

One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together


Join thousands around the globe this June 8th to celebrate and make a stand for our blue planet.


Conservation Volunteers Australia has organised events all around the country that you, your family and friends can all get involved with to take your place in the fight to preserve our most precious resource – our water.



Oxbow Wetlands, Brisbane

Bibra Lake, WA

Derwent Estuary, TAS

Gladstone, QLD

Mackay, QLD (event link coming soon)

Sydney, NSW

Adelaide, SA (11 June)

VIC (event link coming soon)


This one day of celebration inspires community action throughout the year to protect our blue planet.


Our wetlands may hold the key to carbon abatement


When you think of your Christmas spread starring that huge bowl of freshly cooked prawns centre stage, not many of us consider where they come from (or the possibility this won’t happen every year to come). But around 95% of our seafood depends on our coastal wetlands.

And yet our wetlands are under massive strain from pollution – namely agricultural and industrial runoff (pesticides and chemicals) – as well as threats from weeds, construction, pests, and climate change. In short, they are in desperate need of our help.


 “We invite and encourage people to take action to help conserve our coastal wetland ecosystems and in turn, help protect our oceans from pollution, overfishing and effects of climate change.”


Renae Riviere | Revive Campaign Director, CVA


What are wetlands and why do they matter?


Located in the upper intertidal zones, wetlands include salt marshes, seagrass beds, mangrove swamps and freshwater marshes. And as some of the most biodiverse and productive systems on earth, wetlands have many superpowers, including:

  • They can sequester carbon 40 times faster than rainforests can (and store it for thousands of years)
  • They are among the world’s the most biodiverse, productive, and regenerative ecosystems
  • Water purification: they have potent toxin and pollution filtering and absorption capabilities
  • They provide a nutrient-rich environment for marine life to thrive, and
  • They play a huge role in the fight against climate change.


Your involvement makes a big difference


You can help


By understanding more about our wetlands, we can begin to better help protect and strengthen them.

Conservation Volunteers Australia is organising events for World Oceans Day all around Australia. We’re inviting you to bring your family and friends along this Wednesday 8 June, and make a valuable contribution towards the protection of our wetlands by simply showing up. There is real strength in numbers, and we believe that beginning with education about our wetlands, we can give our oceans the best chance possible for a strong and healthy future.


“Seeing the positive change that even a small group of individuals can make has been mind-blowing. If our oceans could speak, they would be begging us to help. That’s why we need to spread the word. If we all do our little bit to help, we can make a big difference.”


Yasmina Tulloch-Medigovich | Revive Project Coordinator, CVA



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TLDR: Without our wetlands, Christmas prawns may soon be a thing of the past. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But all is not lost (yet). Together, we can protect our wetlands and ensure a thriving future for all.




This project is made possible through the support of our partner, Chevron Australia.





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