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World Environment Day 2023: Let’s plant!

What could be a better gift to our environment than native plants and trees? We think planting is the perfect way to celebrate, and we’re inviting everyone – from families to businesses and school groups – to join us and plant as many seedlings as we can for World Environment Day.


Happening all over the country from June 3 – 9, 2023, our events are an opportunity to get into the fresh air with your loved ones (meet new friends, too) and do something great for our world.


Brisbane: Saturday, June 3, 1 pm

Sydney: Monday, June 5, 9.30 am

Melbourne: Wednesday, June 7, 11 am

Melbourne, Woodlands Historic Park: June 5, 9.30 am

Melbourne, Fotheringham Reserve, Dandenong: June 4, 10 am

Gladstone Botanical Gardens: Sunday, June 4, 9 am

Perth: Friday, June 9, 9.15 am

Adelaide: Sunday, June 4, 10 am


So, how many seedlings will we plant together in just a few hours? Come along and find out!


Why plant?

  • Plants clean the air we breathe
  • Plants filter pollutants from the water we drink
  • Plants and trees provide shade and protect us from the heat
  • Plants and trees provide homes to over 80% of the world’s animals
  • Plants and trees sequester carbon out of the atmosphere to help combat climate change*

* A mature tree can absorb an average of 22 lbs of carbon dioxide per year, making cities healthier and safer.


We’re ready for the challenge, are you?


If you want to:

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from experts in conservation
  • Meet like-minded people who care about nature and the environment
  • Get together with family and friends and spend time connecting in nature
  • Create a legacy for generations of all species for years to come


Then we can’t wait to meet you!


“Come down, plant a few seedlings, and help save our environment for future generations.”

Renae Riviere | Campaign Director, Revive Our Wetlands


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