World Environment Day 2021 – Corporate Planting Challenge Winners!

During June, 119 corporates across three locations swapped out their morning meetings for a few quality hours with the natural world around them – as a part of CVA’s largest annual corporate planting event, supported this year by ExxonMobil Australia.

Laptops were replaced with high vis vests and gloves, accompanied by a healthy dose of teamwork and rivalry as teams of five went head-to-head to be crowned the winner of their region.

And what were they winning? The glory of being the team with the best attitude and planting the most seedlings in celebration of World Environment Day as a part of our wider Corporate Challenge Series.

Volunteers from businesses across Australia spent the day connecting with nature, getting their hands dirty, and making a tangible difference to the world around them. In fact, collectively they planted nearly 6,500 seedlings across Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth.

“Wonderful to be out in nature and making a contribution for the greater good.”

– Mary Light, Stockland Corporate Volunteer

The Planting Challenge involved placing plants relevant to each site location, strengthening local ecosystems, providing food and homes for threatened species, and contributing to the reduction of carbon in our atmosphere. Quite the productive morning!

It also encouraged participants to meet other people outside their organisation and create new relationships in a friendly (and slightly competitive) atmosphere.

The Winners

And the winner is…Pernod Ricard Winemakers!

Congratulations to team Pernod Ricard Winemakers in Adelaide for achieving a combined highest score for number of seedlings planted per team member, quality of planting and bonus quiz points. The team of 6 volunteers managed to plant an incredible 180 seedlings at Lobethal. Our judges also noted the challenging site the team worked on which required significant prep to ensure the trees will thrive in their new environment.

In recognition of their win, team Pernod Ricard has won a CVA World Environment Day Corporate Planting Challenge trophy produced by Wathaurong Glass and Arts, an Aboriginal cooperative based in Geelong. Congratulations again to the team for their outstanding effort!

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