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Australians have a strong connection with the coast. It is a special place for us to visit, holiday and live. We highly value our coastal environments, their natural beauty and as a places to enjoy nature and interact with family and friends.  The coast provides great social, cultural, economic and environment benefits for all Australians. Coasts are intrinsic to the Australian way of life.

Coastal environments contain significant ecological, geological and cultural features importantly they are fragile and are not static, they change with the influence of wind, tides, waves and weather systems making them highly dynamic. Within reason we must plan for and adapt to what are naturally occurring changes and focus efforts on areas where major infrastructure and precious environments are at risk.

Over the past decade our desire to experience and enjoy the coast has grown significantly. Eighty-five percent of the country’s population lives within 50 kilometres of the coast.

Our love of the coast is having an impact including those amplified by climate change.  Issues affecting the coast includes

  • Sea level rise and storm surge
  • Environmental degradation (weeds, erosion, inappropriate use by public etc.)
  • Introduced pest plants and animals
  • Loss of coastal habitat and biodiversity
  • Increasing development along the coast
  • Pollution and litter including sedimentation, nitrification an ingettation and entanglement of rubbish
  • Marine debris accumulating in on-shore and near shore environments, impacting wildlife by entanglement and ingestion

With the mainland Australian coastline stretching such a vast distance, there are huge challenges in maintaining healthy coastlines for all. Our wetlands, rivers, streams and creeks are also at risk from a range of environmental problems, including erosion, salinity, drought and pollution.

Conservation Volunteers Australia is engaging communities to conserve wetlands and their catchments for nature and people through the Revive Our Wetlands program.

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There are a range of  projects  available, that work towards protecting our precious coastlines and waterways.

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