Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo

Tree Kangaroo

Why we need to act now!

High in the treetops of tropical Far North Queensland lives a remarkable creature, the tree kangaroo. Once common throughout the Atherton Tablelands and Daintree Rainforest, the tree kangaroo is now in danger due to large-scale habitat loss for agriculture and urban development, resulting in fragmented landscapes and the need for tree kangaroos to travel across the ground where they fall prey to dogs and cars. In addition, scientists believe that this species is under threat from predicted climatic changes, which will affect important tree kangaroo habitat.

Hanging on for survival - Lumholtz Tree-kangaroo

Hanging on for survival – Lumholtz Tree-kangaroo

Species: Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzi)
Location: Queensland (Atherton,
Status: Vulnerable
Threats:  loss of habitat
Our work: monitoring, habitat restoration, community education

Taking action to conserve the tree kangaroo

Conservation Volunteers Australia is collaborating with local partners, including the Tree Kangaroo & Mammal Group, James Cook University, Queensland Parks & Wildlife, TERRAIN NRM, and the Wet Tropics Management Authority to restore critical habitat and provide vital rainforest linkages throughout their range.

Through the Wild Futures program, Conservation Volunteers Australia is implementing a number of practical conservation activities linked to vital habitat restoration for tree kangaroos, including:

  • Extensive tree planting to provide vital specific food resources
  • Removal of invasive weed species to maintain existing habitat
  • Data collection, surveys and monitoring

These conservation endeavours will increase their resilience to climate change affects and deforestation by providing critical habitat and important corridors of rainforest for them to travel safely across the landscape in order to find food, avoid predators, and to breed, thereby increasing population numbers and success.

YOU can assist with this valuable program and together we can ensure that this unique species has a Wild Future!

Help save the tree kangaroo

Together we are the difference … 

Help us to monitor and protect this amazing mound maker by donating to support our tree kangaroo recovery program. Together we can ensure that the tree kangaroo doesn’t disappear from the landscape forever!  We need your continued support to safeguard their survival and their habitats along with other species across the country  – donate to help today!


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By volunteering on one of our field projects, you can make a practical contribution and help give the Tree-kangaroo a wild future.

Partners in Conservation

Our work to help save the tree kangaroo is supported by the following organisations and individuals including: The Tree Kangaroo and Mammal Group.

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Further Information

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