Red Crowned Toadlet

Red-crowned Toadlet

The Red-crowned Toadlet (Pseudophryne australis) is a small frog with a big problem! Restricted exclusively to Triassic sandstone areas around Sydney, this tiny toadlet’s home has been impacted by habitat loss due to sandstone harvesting for garden landscapes, pollution, disease and changed fire regimes. In addition, recent urban expansion of Sydney with preference for bushland ridgetop areas has further threatened crucial habitat for this brightly coloured amphibian and caused local extinctions for some populations.

Conservation Volunteers is working with New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service and local species experts to carry out important habitat protection and rehabilitation activities and monitoring at key locations for the Red-crowned Toadlet throughout Sydney.

These vital conservation endeavours will provide critical habitat and protection as well as enhance and extend existing areas for Red-crowned Toadlets, improving their chances of breeding success and providing safe and healthy habitat to avoid predators and pollution.

You can lend a big hand to this little species by volunteering on a Toadlet Team, being a Froggy Fundraiser or donating to this valuable program and together we can ensure the Red-crowned Toadlet has a wild future!

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