Powerful Owl

Powerful Owl

The Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua), is the largest Australian owl and inhabits wet forests and woodlands throughout south-eastern Australia. As a top-level predator in the forest, the Powerful Owl is an important part of the ecosystem. To find enough food, Powerful Owls need good quality habitat and large territories, however this landscape is quickly disappearing throughout urban environments and the Powerful Owl is now listed as a threatened species.

Species: Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua),
Location: eastern and south-eastern Australia
Status: Endangered (Victoria)
Threats: loss of habitat
Our work: monitoring, habitat restoration, community education

Taking action to conserve the Powerful Owl

Through the Wild Futures program, Conservation Volunteers Australia is collaborating with local councils, land managers, National Parks, owl researchers, universities and community groups to monitor Powerful Owl populations and to restore critical habitat needed for this amazing avian predator. These partnerships and conservation activities are currently being carried out in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Gippsland in Victoria.

We have an urgent need for support for a number of practical conservation activities linked to habitat restoration and monitoring, including:

  • Extensive planting of trees and shrubs to encourage Powerful Owl prey
  • Nest box installation to provide safe homes for Powerful Owls
  • Data collection, surveys and monitoring

These conservation endeavours will provide critical habitat and important population monitoring for Powerful Owls, ensuring a resilience to the threats and challenges faced through changing habitat and urban environments.

Together we can ensure the Powerful Owl will continue to have a wild future.

Help save the Powerful Owl

Help us to monitor and protect this amazing mound maker by donating to support our Powerful Owl recovery program. Together we can ensure that the Powerful Owl doesn’t disappear from the landscape forever!  We need your continued support to safeguard the survival of Powerful Owl and their habitats along with other species across the country.


Would you like to give the Powerful Owl a wild future? You can do so by donating through our secure online system.


You can assist owl researchers in the forests of Gippsland, Victoria in monitoring efforts to learn more about this amazing avian predator. What a hoot!