Adopt a Wild Futures Species

What is Wild Futures?

Wild Futures is Conservation Volunteers Australia’s wildlife conservation program that supports Australia’s threatened wildlife. It makes a measurable difference to the future of many of Australia’s most treasured animals.

Through Wild Futures, we work with recovery teams and other experts to identify and implement conservation actions for threatened species across Australia.

What can your business do?

Wild Futures Eastern Barred Bandicoot baby photo

Eastern Barred Bandicoot baby

By adopting a Wild Futures species for your organisation, you can make a credible difference to the future of Australia’s native wildlife. Our $5,000 Adopt a Wild Future Species Package includes:

  • A staff volunteer day with your Wild Futures species
  • Corporate Membership with Conservation Volunteers Australia
  • A Lunch & Learn talk at your office about your Wild Futures species
  • A personalized Certificate of Adoption to display in your office
  • A tailored progress report on your species at the end of the project

Conservation Volunteers Australia has carefully selected ten species that require urgent assistance to ensure they do not succumb to extinction. Every day, our volunteers undertake activities such as revegetation, invasive species management and population monitoring to help ensure futures for these species.

Together, Conservation Volunteers Australia and supporters of Wild Futures can implement these vital actions that will give these animals brighter, wilder futures.

Adopt A Species