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Wetland Projects

In July 2015 WetlandCare Australia merged with Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA). The two organisations are now fully integrated, combining expertise and resources to pursue our joint goal of increasing ecosystem resilience through the protection, maintenance and restoration of the environment by engaging volunteers in practical conservation projects.

Established in 1991, WetlandCare Australia was Australia’s only dedicated national wetland conservation organisation, dedicated to protecting and restoring Australian wetlands and inspiring others to get involved for over 25 years. WetlandCare Australia is still delivering a number of projects protecting, promoting and restoring wetlands.

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What can you do ?

If you’re looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity we’d love you to get involved in our work protecting and restoring wetlands.

Sign up to WetlandLink, or contact your nearest Conservation Volunteers Australia office to find out about local volunteer opportunities.


Would you like to be part of protecting and restoring wetlands? You can do so by donating through our secure online system.


By volunteering on one of our field projects, you can make a practical contribution and help .

Together we can ensure Australia’s plants and animals continue to survive.