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The coastal rivers of northern NSW are suffering a pest fish invasion.  As many recreational fishers know European Carp are well established through the entire Richmond River catchment, reducing water quality and out-competing native fish for food and habitat.

Tilapia, a voracious pest already established in Queensland, has been spotted in the Tweed River catchment. This tough invader has already had a huge impact on native fish in Queensland’s rivers, and its spread into NSW could be devastating for river health, native fish and recreational fishers State-wide.


With such a wide-spread invasion, what can be done? We believe community action is vital to reducing pest fish numbers in the Richmond and Tweed river catchments.  Over the next 18 months we will be holding a series of events to support the community in reducing pest fish numbers, and provide educational materials and information about pest fish and their impact on river health and recreational fishing.

The final event for the Pest Fish Force Project will be the Cudgen Tilapia Buster at Bogangar, on Saturday May 25, 9am – 3pm

Festival events and activities will include fishing from the riverbank, carp weigh-ins with prizes, carp filleting, smoking and cooking demonstrations and tastings, a tree planting, catchment health education and games, live music and talks from carp experts. Everyone is invited to come along, fishers and non-fishers alike. More information about the event will be available in the coming weeks.

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