Little Desert Nature Lodge

Little Desert Nature Lodge

Conservation Volunteers has acquired the properties and management of the Little Desert Flora and Fauna Foundation and the Little Desert Nature Lodge.

The Little Desert Flora & Fauna Foundation was established in 2000. Its aim is to promote an appreciation of the Little Desert, situated in the Wimmera Region of Western Victoria.

The Foundation also promotes environmental research into the flora and fauna of the region, including the ongoing research into endangered Malleefowl. Environmental and cultural education is a major focus for the Foundation. It actively achieves this through the comprehensive education program provided by the Little Desert Nature Lodge which is owned by the Foundation, along with the nearby property known as the ‘Malleefowl Sanctuary’. Both properties have been vermin proof fenced, demonstrating the conservation commitment of the Foundation. The Foundation is registered as an ‘Environmental Organisation’ and can receive tax deductible donations.

The Foundation is now embarking on a course of action to secure the financial and environmental sustainability of the Little Desert Nature Lodge and Conservation Volunteers are proud to be taking the reins.

For more information on Little Desert Lodge including accommodation, facilities and educational programs visit the Little Desert Nature Lodge website.