Conservation Volunteers Australia’s Living Heritage program helps to maintain cultural places and traditions by working with communities and agencies to strengthen organisations and support cultural events. With over 120 places listed on Australia’s National Heritage List, and countless other places and traditions holding importance to communities around the country, we help make heritage management that little bit more manageable.

“Heritage” can encompass anything from stories to seeds, from artefacts to ancestry, and from performance to places. Many organisations responsible for heritage protection struggle to achieve their goals.  It is so broad and so diverse a term that it is sometimes difficult  to know how, and who, to help.

Because Conservation Volunteers’ work brings us into contact with so many people on a daily basis, we can offer support to ‘heritage-keepers’ all over Australia, in New Zealand, and beyond. By working with other cultural organisations that need volunteer support, we create mutually beneficial heritage partnerships that strengthen communities’ connections with their own heritage and those of their neighbours. We also work with indigenous people and organisations to help look after their cultural heritage, including the environmental heritage that is inextricably linked to culture and country.

Help us conserve our heritage

Together we can ensure that our heritage is not forgotten.   We need your continued support to look after Australia’s cultural heritage  – donate to help today!


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By volunteering on one of our field projects, you can make a practical contribution to looking after the spirit and heritage of all Australians.

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