Because pro-nature behaviour and skills require active nurturing.

Nurturing good relationships

Our goal is to grow cohorts of people who are motivated and equipped to provide practical care for nature.

The Future Stewards campaign enables people to develop their understanding and connection to nature, inspiring meaningful action, informed by science and a trusted network of community and research organisations.

Stewards can work with others to build the capacity of their local community, and to connect across networks of trusted organisations to achieve impact.

Our Registered Training Organisation provides accredited and supported training in conservation skills and knowledge, facilitating community capacity building to help individuals and organisations care for nature.


Citizen Science

Citizen science brings together people and science, to create a better future for nature and people. 

It’s an opportunity for anyone to get to know and look after the natural worldRegardless of where you’re from, or where you live, all it takes is curiosity, a sense of wonder and a bit of time. 

Through citizen science activities, you can gather observations and data and share it easily with researchers, playing a role in reviewing information for research teams who are doing the vital work of informing how recovery projects should work.  


Get Involved

We’re here to make it easy to take action for nature across Australia, and we would love your help. Check out the ways that you can get involved in your local area.