Salvana Conservation Reserve

Salvana Conservation Reserve

In 2013, Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) was able to secure the long-term future of Lemon Springs and Middlegate blocks in the Little Desert Region of Western Victoria. These properties are adjacent to the Little Desert National Park and close to the Little Desert Nature Lodge.

The purchase of the property was made possible via a bequest from The State Trustees who managed the Estate of the late Victor Salvana. In recognition of this generous donation the property will be known as the Salvana Conservation Reserve.

Purchase of this property has enabled CVA to establish an important biodiversity corridor (total 132,000Ha) linking the West and Central blocks of the Little Desert National Park.

The Salvana Conservation Reserve will maintain the conservation value of the region and provide biodiversity and climate change resilience for threatened species like the Malleefowl and Silky Mouse.

Future projects include:

  • Undertaking comprehensive surveys: biodiversity surveys for flora and fauna (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates) to provide a detailed baseline inventory of the ecosystem. Regular monitoring will then provide important information to enable responsive conservation management.
  • Further developing the Conservation Management Plan: alongside the surveys, the Conservation Management Plan will be developed with input from a range of experts to ensure we are using the very best conservation practice to look after this important landscape and habitat.
  • Developing tracks and trails and interpretive signage.
  • Planting and weed control: we will undertake a careful long term program to remove introduced species identified in the surveys, and replace them with the native flora that belongs in this region. In turn, this will improve habitat for the native species that call this land home.

Conservation Volunteers wishes to recognise the significant support of State Trustees who, without their support, securing this reserve would not be possible.

If you wish to make a gift or bequest of land to CVA, we recommend you contact us first to discuss.