Real and lasting change at scale

Combining evidence-based practices with the power of people who care, we make real and lasting change at scale.

We bring partners and participants together to shape stronger, healthier communities where nature matters every day. Our vision is for a world where people and nature flourish together.


At Conservation Volunteers Australia, we don’t just talk about the environment, we get things done with people power.

And because we believe in working smart as well as hard, CVA teams up with the best and brightest to make sure everything we do is evidence-based and delivers real-world results.

Our activities

CVA’s mission is to inspire people to make a difference for nature.

Our volunteers get plenty in return. Empowered to become stewards of nature in everyday life, Australians are coming together in a CVA community of people restoring and reconnecting with nature.

CVA activities span everything from big community clean-up and planting events all the way through to citizen science projects that anyone can do anywhere, anytime.

Our impact

Because CVA is serious about improving the world, we measure our impact.

With a 40-year history and goal of building a community of 1 million people, we have long-term, real-world data to show our effectiveness in three impact areas: Increased Wellbeing, More Active Stewardship for Nature, and Healthier Environments.

Get involved

We’re here to make it easy to take action for nature across Australia, and we would love your help. Check out the ways that you can get involved in your local area.