Empowering people to take action for nature since 1982

CVA is Australia’s leading conservation organisation, empowering people to restore biodiversity, build climate resilience, feel connected to community, and improve personal wellbeing.

We aim to have impact at scale by focussing on biodiversity restoration; the health of oceans, wetlands, and rivers; and on strengthening climate resilience.

We build environmental resilience together

Our initiatives strive to improve the ecosystems in which we live and the wellbeing of participants and the planet. We aim to cultivate deep roots in Australia and its people to create lasting environmental change.

Taking action for nature is rewarding
Taking action for nature is rewarding

Community-led conservation action for:

Biodiversity & Threatened Species

Ocean, Wetlands & Rivers

Climate Resilience & Adaptation

We co-design for impact at scale

Together with government, businesses, and Traditional Owners, we leverage our collective knowledge from the last 40+ years, our resources, and our passion to co-design projects that make a meaningful impact on a large scale.

We build community and improve wellbeing

We encourage people to connect with each other and with nature through our projects that restore biodiversity and ecosystems.

Experienced and highly credentialed in community engagement, CVA is the safe pair of hands governments can trust in the wake of any natural disaster. The community-driven Recovery Rangers program uses CVA’s proven systems for rapid deployment of tailored restoration plans in any state.

Recovery Rangers support disaster-struck communities
Recovery Rangers support disaster-struck communities

We inspire Nature Stewardship

We place conservation in the hands of everyone by using inclusive initiatives and digital strategies. We know that working in nature towards conservation goals improves your physical and mental wellbeing – you just feel good about it.

That’s why our goal is to foster a community of Nature Stewards who feel inspired to build back nature in their local areas and beyond.

Citizen science & conservation

We know that it’s not always easy to find time to volunteer with us, so we’ve created ways for people to take action anywhere, anytime. Everyone can take part and make a contribution to the conservation of biodiversity.

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We know conservation work

For 40 years, tens of thousands of people have taken action for nature with CVA to restore Australia’s biodiversity and build climate resilience.

Another million actions for nature by 2030
Another million actions for nature by 2030