Australia's conservation engagement experts

Here at Conservation Volunteers Australia, we inspire people to make a difference for nature, at home and in the community.

Everything we do is practical, evidence-based and designed to create lasting change at scale.

Our volunteers get plenty in return. Empowered to become stewards of nature in everyday life, Australians are coming together in a CVA community of people restoring and reconnecting with nature.

Inspire nature stewardship

Learn new skills and be supported as a Nature Steward with CVA.

Take advantage of on-ground volunteering opportunities, self-guided activities, our online learning academy, and leadership programs.

Clean-up beaches and waterways

Everyday Australians are doing something about the world’s most solvable environmental issues – ocean litter.

Together, we remove rubbish from our waterways and head upstream, too, finding ways to stop litter at its source in our towns and cities.

CVA volunteers remove tonnes of plastic each year
CVA volunteers remove tonnes of plastic each year

Restore biodiverse habitats

Build biodiversity and support threatened species by helping to create millions of urban habitats with Conservation Volunteers Australia.

CVA works with the community and our partners to regenerate bushland wildlife habitats, restore wetlands, and make our suburbs and cities more biodiverse.

People preserving natural treasures
People preserving natural treasures

Manage Recovery Ranger teams

Experienced and highly credentialed in community engagement, CVA is the safe pair of hands governments can trust in the wake of any natural disaster.

The community-driven Recovery Rangers program uses CVA’s proven systems for rapid deployment of tailored restoration plans in any state.

Recovery Rangers support disaster-struck communities
Recovery Rangers support disaster-struck communities

Urban nature restoration

Are you among the two-thirds of Australians living in our cities and major towns? There’s plenty you can do for nature right at home.

CVA’s building a community of Nature Stewards creating native habitats and restoring biodiversity in everyday backyards, streets and green spaces. All you need is a balcony or a small patch of earth!

Building urban habitats
Building urban habitats

Citizen science

Want to know more about Australia’s amazing plants and animals? Try a little citizen science with CVA by exploring nature where you live. You’ll learn some new ‘citsci’ skills and help us restore nature as a wildlife spotting volunteer.

There’s a choice of in-person and online events to get you started, no matter where you are.  

Anyone, anywhere can become a citizen scientist
Anyone, anywhere can become a citizen scientist

Get involved and make a difference

Inspired? Book some time in nature for yourself with Conservation Volunteers Australia today. It's good for the planet and great for the soul!