Western Sydney Airport connects communities with nature

Western Sydney Airport builds community connections with nature by supporting new project: Sugar Gliders, My Wild Western Sydney Neighbours

Sugar Glider by Patrick Kavanagh via Flickr


For the second year of our partnership, we are delighted to announce that Western Sydney Airport is supporting CVA’s project Sugar Gliders, My Wild Western Sydney Neighbours, as part of their commitment to building, supporting and connecting local communities.

Part educational, part practical this new project will help us understand our communities’ connection with nature and raise awareness of how people can make a positive difference in their community, backyard and school grounds. As part of our Greener Cities campaign, under the Urban Wildlife Initiative, this project will engage with local people who actively adapt their gardens for nature and contribute to making their city greener and more liveable.

Focus will be on one of the most diverse and unique ecological communities located in Sydney’s west, the South Creek Sub-Catchment. This area has been proven to support a range of wildlife such as Sugar Gliders, a protected native species. As many suburban areas are impacted by  land development, this project is important for the community to play an active role in understanding their local native Australian wildlife and re-greening their neighbourhood.

“By appreciating that urban backyards can also be habitat for Australian animals, residents will be engaged and informed about how to extend a neighbourly welcome to the humble Sugar Glider”

Jonathan Noble, Campaign Director – Future Stewards.

CVA will be working with local partners to promote and deliver activities that bring people closer to nature. A combination of online and in-person engagement activities will demonstrate how to activate greener neighbourhoods. Communities can participate as science citizens, by making additions to their backyards or school grounds that will benefit local wildlife and the community.

“Western Sydney Airport is proud to be supporting CVA and this fantastic project which encourages our local communities to connect with their natural environment.”

Katy Hannouch, General Manager Community Engagement and Partnerships


Image source Patrick Kavanagh via Flickr

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