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Volunteers take an office break to revive Perth’s beaches

Western Australia’s beaches are cleaner and the coastline behind them has had weeds replaced with native coastal seedlings after 133 Woodside staff members pitched in to help.

So far, the volunteers have collected a whopping 286.6 kilograms of marine debris across our beaches, planted 230 native coastal seedlings, and cleared approximately 3000 square meters of invasive coastal weeds.

Their work will help tackle dune degradation and coastal erosion, and marine debris plastic pollution close to Perth.

Contributing to CVA’s Revive Campaign, the Woodside Volunteering Program offers staff members the opportunity to get involved in meaningful conservation activities, with volunteers helping to protect our threatened and vulnerable coastal environments, while providing on-ground support to local government, community and Landcare groups.

Asked why they chose to participate in our coastal rehabilitation events, some volunteers said they were, “Wanting to make a difference in the community” and “It was a nice team building environment, with the added bonus to make a positive impact on the environment”. For some of the volunteers, these coastal areas were their local beaches and they loved to opportunity to help out and give back.

Large beach clean-up event held at City Beach.


Dune rehabilitation and removal of invasive weeds at Cottesloe Beach.