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‘Tis the season for fresh air and sandy toes

This year has been a challenge.

But here we are, at the end of it — and we’re all ready to celebrate. It’s time to put down the tools and enjoy the upcoming holiday period.

And what’s going to make our well-earned breaks even more rewarding? A good healthy dose of nature.

It feels like we are all overdue for a long deep breath of fresh air, and a moment (or two) to stop and reflect on the year that’s been.

Whether you’re living by the coast, surrounded by bushland, or in the heart of the city —  we all know that time in nature is vitally important for our wellbeing.

Maybe it’s the relaxing feeling of being surrounded by trees, or the sense of calm we get from ocean air and sand beneath our toes. Nature is that reliable friend you know will always show up when you need them, and always make you feel better. 

So here’s to an upcoming summer of soaking in nature – and what better way than by discovering local walks in your own backyard, or adding secluded sandy spots to your next summer road trip. Bonus points if you do something to help while you’re there! But if all you can do right now is soak it in, there are plenty of ways to recharge, close to home.

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