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Join us for Threatened Species Day 2021 (and beyond!)

Over the years our community and our staff have had the privilege of working to protect and restore homes for some of our most iconic threatened species.

From the Koala to the Eastern Barred Bandicoot, and Green & Golden Bell Frogs to the Platypus, together we’ve worked through our Wild Futures campaign to make a difference for threatened species.

Sometimes though, threatened species work can feel a little bit behind closed doors, which is why today, we’re launching a special on-demand episode to take you behind the scenes. We’ll help clarify some important terms, introduce you to people making a difference, and get an insider view on the success story of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

You can watch it on demand right now, and across September, in recognition of Threatened Species Day:




About Threatened Species Day

National Threatened Species Day is commemorated across the country on 7 September to raise awareness of plants and animals at risk of extinction. It’s a day to pause and reflect on what’s needed to protect the futures of some of our wild neighbours who are most at risk, many of which were pushed closer to the brink by the terrible Black Summer Bushfires.


What can you do?

Our community is one which likes to know how to get involved – from rolling up our sleeves and pitching in to do the work in the field, to our growing online community of digital volunteers who are working through missions to identify night cam footage.

This year we wanted to create something a little bit different on top of our other offerings though. We wanted to give people the opportunity to take a step back, to top up our cups because let’s be honest for many of us the last 18 months has beenĀ a lot. Sometimes we need to tap into the deeper well, grounding ourselves and reflecting on our relationship with nature.

So this year we’ve created a simple guide to finding a little more calm and help you reflect – we call it the Sit Spot Challenge, and you can download it free, now, and do it whenever you’re ready.

Nature Reflection: Sit Spot Challenge Guide



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Watch on-demand

We think you'll really enjoy the episode which explores our threatened species work, important terms, and some success stories. Why not grab a cuppa and watch now?