The Wrap Up: #SeaToSource National Day of Action

We’re on a journey working towards a natural world that flourishes as we do, and we know that we’re stronger in this journey if we’re together.

So, our #SeaToSource National Day of Action wasn’t just the biggest day of the year, it was also an opportunity to bring together communities around Australia to inspire and empower the future stewards of our living world to do exactly that – take action together.

Across six locations nation-wide (with Tasmania being rained out), hundreds of volunteers put on their high vis vests and stepped onto their local beaches – all with the shared goal of caring for the natural environment that they love spending time in.  


For some it was their first-time volunteering, and why had they decided Sunday 11th April was the day to begin? Many had had their ‘aha’ moment of realising the natural world around them looked after them, so it was their time to return the favour. Others loved the idea of a beach clean-up as a great family Sunday activity, or a way to connect with like-minded people in their community. For others they were long-time CVA volunteers, regularly dedicating their time and energy to doing their part for nature.  


With #SeaToSource litter bags being filled across the country, more than 31,000 pieces of individual litter were collected – combining to be a massive 400+kgs of litter in total



But that isn’t where the change-making stopped. Each location across the country had a selection of local stakeholders holding stalls to educate and inspire the local community, showcasing different ways to live a more sustainable life, offering eco-friendly alternatives and workshops in ways to go plastic-free. Volunteers weren’t the only ones jumping at this opportunity – a number of events also had wildlife rescue shelters who brought along a number of furry friends including joeys, possums and snakes. 

Check out what happened at some of our locations around Australia:




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This project received grant funding from the Australian Government. 



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