Wild Futures

The Importance of Native Grassy Woodlands 

Native Grassy Woodlands may sound like a distant fairy tale land to some, however they’re very real – and it turns out they’re very important for local wildlife and flourishing biodiversity.

Why is this? Native Grassy Woodlands, such as those at Woodlands Historic Park Biodiversity Reserve on the outskirts of Melbourne, provide homes for countless rare and threatened species. Because of their diversity of plants and animals a small area of grasslands could be home to more than 100 different species including moss, wildflowers and fungus.

What makes this type of environment even more precious is the rate it’s disappearing. Grassy woodlands were once widespread across the plains of Victoria, and were a hub of resource for local Aboriginal communities, humming with life. When Europeans arrived, these areas were seen as the easiest to clear for farming purposes and are now under increasing pressure from urban expansion leaving less than one percent of original grasslands in Victoria today. These finite remaining areas need all the protection they can get – and that’s where we come in.

Help Native Grassy Woodlands with Nature Blocks

With more than 370 threatened animal species living in Australian cities and many under pressure from habitat loss, Australians can protect and restore the homes of their local wildlife, reconnecting with nature and our local community.

We want to help restore and grow precious environments such as Native Grassy Woodlands by empowering communities to build their own Nature Block – filled with the native plants and grasses you would find in a Native Grassy Woodland – creating homes for local wildlife and nurturing biodiversity.

Are you keen to be involved? Join us on March 5th and learn more as we get started at the CVA managed Woodlands Historic Park Biodiversity Sanctuary, home to rare plants and unique wildlife like butterflies, ringtail possums, sugar gliders and the Eastern barred bandicoot.

At this first community event (of many!) you’ll get to meet our experienced field staff who look after the grasslands and the bandicoots that call them home, and find out how you can start building your nature block.

Find out more and register your interest here