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Activities To Get You In Nature (ASAP)

If you’re yet to hear about the link between wellbeing and time spent in nature, there’s a high chance you’ve been living under a rock. Which, honestly, we support. It sounds like an incredibly nature-based place to live.

For those who need a bit more inspiration with how to interweave time outdoors into your everyday life, we’re here to help. Time in nature can be as simple as you need it to be, and can become a part of your daily or weekly routine if you find activities that suit you. The remainder of the summer months are a great time to embrace the warmer and longer days for outdoor activities too.

Check out the activities we think are the best to dive into over the new few months:



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“Being outside is part of what makes hiking so good for your mental health, says clinical psychologist Dr Jodie Lowinger, author of The Mind Strength Method. She says humans are “designed to be in nature”.

What better way to get in nature than by stretching the legs whilst taking in views of the coast or looming eucalypts above. Wherever you live, there will be a hike to seek out nearby – and the best bit is that you can add a hike into your week anytime of the year.

What differentiates a hike from a walk, you ask? Di Westway, an avid hiker explains that there are two factors. Firstly you physically push yourself more than a general walk, and secondly – a hike is always in nature! 

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Much like hiking (and all of these activities), the best bit about camping is that it requires you to get outdoors. It may be a local holiday park on the outskirts of the city, or a full nature-immersion experience complete with long drop toilets – but whatever is available to you is a great start.

Why else is camping a fantastic activity to regularly put on the to do list? It forces you to slow right down. Suddenly boiling water for a tea is a mindful process, while night time activities flitter between a game of cards or star gazing. 

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Nature time doesn’t have to be a day-long activity either, it could simply be a picnic!

Now, we’re all versed on how to have an outdoor picnic after a couple of long covid-years, but now that restaurants are open it’s not as second nature to pack up the rug and tupperware containers and hit the local park or beach. Well, this is your friendly reminder that a picnic is a great way to get your dose of nature while having lunch or dinner with your family, friends, housemates or pets.

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Ocean Swimming


Swimming is an obvious activity during the summer, but what about if you’re not living next to a beach or it’s a cold day? Our radical suggestion is to find a way to make it happen anyway! And ideally somewhat regularly. An ocean trip has long been recommended as a health and wellbeing remedy – even in winter (in fact especially in winter).

While visiting the beach is a fantastic way to de-stress and immerse yourself in nature, diving under a wave is even better – with growing research showing sea water and cold water to improve physical and mental health while time spent in the water is amazing for building a sense of care for the ocean and connection with our world, and each other.

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Surfing & Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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If you’re making the trip to the beach, jumping on a surfboard or stand up paddle-board is another great way to integrate ocean time into your life. There’s nothing quite like learning a new skill to get you prioritising time in nature on the weekends. Whilst time in the ocean is fantastic for your overall well being, the fitness gained from the two sports is an added bonus. Plus, there’s nothing like a dose of fun and adrenaline to boost the mood!

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Did you know that taking care of nature, is in turn taking care of yourself? Well, gardening is a great example of just this. Being in green spaces decreases stress levels and getting dirt under the nails while weeding, planting or upkeep your garden can encourage being in the present with your plants. Not to mention it’s great as physical activity for the body, and you’ll then have fresh herbs, vegetables, flowers or plants to appreciate. It’s also a great activity to end your day with, if you need an hour of downtime after being in front of a screen.

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Get Involved

Would you like to take action for nature, while being outdoors? Check out the ways you can be involved in your local area.