The Western Sydney region is one of the fastest growing urban areas in Australia, putting native bushland and native species habitat at a premium and reducing opportunities for communities to connect with nature. Urban communities often feel nature is separate from them, despite our wild neighbours being close by – if you know where to look. Sugar gliders are a shy, iconic native animal that can still be found in isolated locations.


The Sugar Glider is under pressure from a range of threats including habitat loss and predation in Western Sydney. Most people who live in proximity to sugar glider habitat are unaware of these animals, or what they can do to help them. If you’re interested to know more about how you can get involved and protect our furry friends, check out the links below.


During the course of this project, selected schools in Western Sydney will be reconnecting with nature and raising awareness of Sugar gliders and their homes and how the whole community can help them to survive in the wild. These young nature leaders will be showcasing how their community can plant native trees and create habitat for local Sugar Gliders, and other important native wildlife in their area.

Sugar Glider courtesy of Yingyod Lapwong


“The Sugar Glider, My Wild Western Neighbours Project, will demonstrate the positive difference young people at school and in their community can make by actively contributing to urban wildlife conservation.”

– David Jones, Project Manager, CVA Wild Futures


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Main image © and courtesy of Australian Museum

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