Learn more about our cute and furry wild neighbour, their habitat, and what we can be doing to protect this little critter that likes to forage at night.

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Sugar Glider courtesy of Yingyod Lapwong

Sugar Gliders - an introduction

Sugar gliders are found around the Eastern coastal and inland regions, but how much do you know about them? Read our introductory guide to find out more about your wild neighbour.

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Crossman Reserve in the Cumberland Plains, Western Sydney

Cumberland Plain Woodland - an introduction

With only 6% of the Cumberland Plain Woodland remaining in NSW, it's listed as endangered ecological community. Find out more about this special and unique landscape and ecosystem in our introductory guide.

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If you're interested in Sugar Gliders, you might be interested in our project Our Wild Western Sydney Neighbours which is restoring homes for the gliders, and connecting communities with this amazing furry critter.