Step out the door, and step up for the world

While a lot of us are home-bound, our daily outdoor exercise can still be a way to get ourselves into nature, strengthening our own mental well-being, and helping the world around us. 


As part of #SeaToSource, we’re calling for everyone across Australia to pick up a bag as they put on their shoes, and collect litter while stretching their legs. Even better, take your housemate, mum or partner with you.

With single use items back on the rise due to Covid, it’s more important than ever to help the world around us by picking up the many discarded face masks, takeaway coffee cups, and anything else that’s made its way to our streets (reusable coffee cups and masks strongly encouraged whilst doing so). Why is this important for not just our world, but for #SeaToSource? Discarded litter very quickly ends up in our oceans – and that’s exactly what we’re trying to prevent.

What’s even better? We’ve partnered with Beach Patrol – a network of volunteer groups using the power of community spirit to clean local beaches and streets – who have created an app to help you record information from your clean up activities. Follow our how-to guide to use the app to track the litter you collect in your local area. By telling us about the litter you’ve collected, you’re helping us map ocean litter along our coastlines and ultimately stop it at its source!

Whether you’re rising early to walk your excited doggo, tackling the 3pm working-from-home slump or walking to the local park to kick the footy with your kids – anyone can help, from anywhere in Australia. Thanks in advance from your cleaner streets and parks! 🌲

How you can help #SeaToSource with Litter Stopper

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#SeaToSource Spotify Playlist

Did you think we were going to encourage you to exercise and pick up litter, without providing a playlist to keep you motivated and connected to the world around you? Not a chance.

Introducing the #SeaToSource Spotify playlist, your one-stop-shop for songs that will remind you of the good you’re doing for the world and your local waterways. If you don’t think the playlist is rubbish, throw us a ‘like’ – and let us know if there’s anything you would like to see added to it!

Download the playlist before you step out the door.