Simon Schwarz Director EnviroWorks Taskforce


My conservation journey started growing up in Victoria’s high country, helping out with tree planting events and spending my weekends hiking or enjoying other aspects of this beautiful part of the world such as canoeing and skiing. Experiencing nature in this way has been a strong motivator for me as I have progressed both my life and my career, wanting everyone to be able to enjoy nature at its best.

I value the CVA work environment where high value is placed on getting things done, and I relish being able to get my hands dirty contributing to team success. As a leader I am passionate about improving safety, systems and processes, using my interpersonal skills to engage across the organisation and beyond to accomplish these goals.

The conservation space is a challenging environment requiring both a view of “big picture” and a grasp of detail to truly frame some of the problems that need solving. This complexity keeps me highly motivated me each day running the EnviroWorks Taskforce.

I am an avid futurist and a lover of hard science fiction which provides a stimulating backdrop to the conservation work in which I am engaged.


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