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Momentum is building for businesses to step up and scale up actions and commitments to contribute to the Global Goal for Nature:

Zero net loss of nature from 2020, net positive by 2030, and full recovery by 2050. Our network of like-minded partners and supporters work closely with us to help achieve shared impact and restore biodiversity and ecosystems to protect the wellbeing of people and the planet.

The Ocean has a special place in the heart of Australians.

It’s where we go to spend time with family, to swim, surf and find solace.

Where has this water
come from?

Where is it

What lies beneath the

The ocean is vast, beautiful, and diverse, holding deep, cold ravines, lush kelp forests and vibrant coral reefs. It offers us food and livelihoods.

We are all deeply connected to our ocean.

But our water ecosystems are affected by waste, marine debris (much of which is plastic) and nutrient pollution.

Let’s face the facts…

Taking control of the pollution reaching our rivers and ocean begins with our choices and actions

Are you ready to take action?

With Sea The Change, there are many ways to take action for our ocean, wetlands and rivers.

River and beach clean-up surveys

Wetland restorations

Plastic reduction at

Over the next 5 years, we are committing to activating a community of people to remove 30 tonnes of rubbish from entering the environment as we continue to work with CSIRO to expand their National Plastic Pollution Baseline Survey across the country.

Dive into the SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge

SeaToSource focuses on where all types of pollution start their journey.

Download the CVA Community App to access volunteering events near you, and be the first to hear about SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge at home:

Because it is in our hands to make a difference.

Explore the challenge!

Gear up for the challenge!

Pop you email below, and we will shoot you an invite the moment the challenge kicks off.

Or join community volunteers from around Australia.

Our projects:
With SeaToSource, there are many ways to take action for our ocean, wetlands and rivers:

Wetland Photo Contest

Often when we think of wetlands, we think of muddy, mosquito-ridden swamps, but they are so much more than that!

We’re calling on all members of the community, the youth, the amateurs and experienced photographers, and everyone in between, to celebrate their local wetlands by capturing their beauty and inhabitants and sending through their best photographs.

We want our wetlands to be seen in a different light, so let’s give them the attention they deserve.


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Join the wave

There are many ways you can get involved and help us increase the health, abundance, diversity and resilience of species and populations of water ecosystems across Australia.

Roll up your sleeves and help us make ocean litter a thing of the past.

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Hero for our Ocean

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