#SeaToSource: Ways To Get Involved This Summer

In the lead up to Xmas, we want to take an extra moment to think about how we can help nature. Before we all pack our bags, put on our sunscreen, and journey to the coasts across the country – let’s say thank you.

We can do this by taking time out of our day to protect our favourite waterways from ocean litter. Before we let the oceans (and rivers, mountains, and bush) heal us from the past year – let’s gather friends and family and collect the litter around our local areas.

By doing this we’re not just restoring our world, but we’re looking after ourselves too! Because we know that if nature flourishes, so do we.

In fact, connection with nature and community is incredibly important for our hearts and minds. Nature is a superpower that nourishes your overall wellbeing, and with the world opening up again, it’s the perfect time to ease yourself back into life with time spent outdoors.

We’re also in a time of action. Life has once again been put on hold for many people the past year, but our world needs us more than ever. Now’s the time to protect the world around us, and we know a great place to start!



1. #SeaToSource clean up events are being held nationwide over the summer months.

We have a sea of opportunities to be involved in, from local clean up events to litter monitoring and Christmas Party events. Gather your workmates, family members or friends and check out an event near you.




2. Would you like to be involved, but there are no events near you? You can still lend a hand!

We’ve partnered with Beach Patrol – a network of volunteer groups using the power of community spirit to clean local beaches and streets – who have created the Litter Stopper app to help you record information from your clean up activities. Follow our how-to guide to use the app to track the litter you collect in your local area. By telling us about the litter you’ve collected, you’re helping us map ocean litter along our coastlines and ultimately stop it at its source! You can turn your Christmas Day BBQ, morning stroll with the dog, or lunchtime catch up with workmates into a way to take action for the world around you.