#SeaToSource: One Year On – Part II

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It’s officially been one year since the launch of #SeaToSource, and we’ve had teams on the ground across Australia inspiring and educating their communities about the importance of protecting our waterways from ocean litter. With the combined energy and efforts of our Project Officers leading the charge, dedicated volunteers turning up to do their part for nature, and our local partners and collaborators –  we collected nearly 7,300 kgs of litter from our 9 locations across Australia.

From beach clean ups to monitoring events and sustainability workshops, the past year has seen more than 2,600 volunteers engage with #SeaToSource, and without a doubt the opportunity to form relationships with these volunteers and see an incredible range of humans turn up to take action, has been the highlight for our teams on the ground.

For Part I of our roundup, including an infographic of the first year’s highlights, you can read this post.

Check out our highlights from the past twelve months, from regions around Australia:

Brisbane, QLD

“In June 2021, we held a #SeaToSource stall at the Sustainability and Science Showcase held as part of the inaugural global Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2021. At this event, we engaged a high number of passers-by on the importance of protecting our waterways as well as promoted our upcoming clean-ups. During the event, CVA was lucky to be located next to the University of Southern QLD (USQ) stall, and now as a result of participating in this event, we have been able to collaborate with USQ and Central QLD University on a collaborative microplastic research project which is currently in its planning stage. Once this project begins, volunteers will have the opportunity participate in a Citizen Science project by helping collect data for a research project.”

– Ellen Porter, Revive Project Officer


Sydney, NSW

“We’re still very much in the data gathering stages of the project, but we’re starting to get a clearer idea of the types of litter that end up in our waterways. Syringes are a significant issue for us here in Sydney, however by removing syringes from our waterways, and communicating our findings with local Councils, Catchment Management groups, State Government bodies and other stakeholders, we hope to spark some real change.

Through #SeaToSource, we’re not only creating cleaner waterways for our marine life, but safer rivers, beaches and oceans for all of us to enjoy.”

Teresa Gustowski, Revive Project Officer



Adelaide, SA

“We’re so grateful to all our volunteers. Together, we removed over 650kg+ of litter from our waterways this year. And proud to provide firsthand experiences to those who were interested but never had an opportunity to giveback to the environment. Special shout outs to our regular volunteers, Nathan, Neil, Ruth, Will and Lorenzo!

It’s a proud feeling when you sense glances of appreciation and hear people saying “thank you” as they walk by, when you’re in the middle of a #SeaToSource clean-up. They might not be contributing to the clean-ups directly, but I believe our presence can be equally influential.”

– Emily Zhang, Revive Project Officer



Mackay, QLD

“Long-time CVA partner BMA joined the #SeaToSource project and with their support we were able to set up a 9th #SeaToSource location in Mackay. This partnership enables us to gather monitoring data and run community based clean ups in the region whilst connecting with many of our local partners and schools.

Across the year we engaged with 678 community members over 36 events including monitoring activities, monthly clean-ups, community events, partner events, schools activities and source reduction workshops. We also developed new relationships with a wider range of stakeholders, partners, community groups and schools and widened the profile of CVA within the local Mackay community.”

Caroline Hood, Revive Project Officer



Hobart & Launceston, TAS

“One thing over the past year that has stuck out to me is the sheer range of people I have managed to get involved in #SeaToSource!

We’ve had the most amazing and diverse group of volunteers – from 3 years old, to 70 years old, and from many different nationalities. Not to mention the range of students, professionals and retirees, as well as both locals born in Tasmania through to international students and immigrants. We’ve had home-schooled kids and parents, volunteers who are neuro-divergent, and those across the gender and sexuality spectrum. It’s so special to see such a diverse range of people come out to support something we all have in common – nature!”

– Ashleigh Carden, Revive Project Officer



Perth, WA

“In March, 2021, as part of Clean Up Australia Day, CVA joined up with the Mullaloo Beach Community Group to clean up Mullaloo Beach. This was an amazing opportunity to participate in a renowned national beach clean-up event, supporting our local community groups and together work towards riding Mullaloo Beach and the surround ocean of plastic pollution. I was blown away by the enthusiasm and positive feedback from the community. Many participants were eager to do more so it was great opportunity to direct them towards our #SeatoSource project. This project gives people opportunities to join onto multiple clean-up events every month, as well as clean-up their own beaches and rivers at a time which suits them through the LitterStopper App. It’s great to know people are wanting to do more and educate themselves around of the marine debris issue!”

– Yasmina Tulloch-Medigovich, Revive Project Officer


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