A call for ocean action at scale

Supporting the blue lungs of the planet

The Ocean has a special place in the heart of Australians. It’s where we go to spend time with family, to swim, surf and find solace

🏞️ Where has this water come from?

🌊 Where is it going?

🐳 What lies beneath the waves?

The ocean is vast, beautiful, and diverse, holding deep, cold ravines, lush kelp forests and vibrant coral reefs. It offers us food and livelihoods.

We are all deeply connected to our oceans.

But our water ecosystems are affected by waste, marine debris (much of which is plastic) and nutrient pollution.
Let’s face the facts…

Dive into the SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge

SeaToSource focuses on where all types of pollutants start their journey.
Start at home and defeat the plastic beasts lurking in your bins.



Dr. Britta Denise Hardesty

Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO

“With the help of Conservation Volunteers, we’re recording crucial data. This will help us get a better handle of what rubbish is where. We will be able to identify hotspots, problem areas and items. It will also identify methods to stop our litter ending up in the environment in the first place.”



CVA SeaToSource Volunteer & Copywriter

“I think community is super important. It’s one thing to come along and do your part for nature yourself, but to inspire those around you and be inspired, to create a bigger network, it’s just going to be better for the planet, people taking action for nature.”



CVA Volunteer & Airforce Cadet

“It feels quite empowering to know there are other people who get out of bed and come and clean up our beaches. It’s also empowering to see how much people can achieve and how what we do has an impact on the environment.”


Katrina Dent

CVA SeaToSource Volunteer & Reef Catchment CEO

“We may be coming at it from different perspectives and angles but when you strip it back it’s very similar – it takes one step and one action, we can create that change."



Defy Design, Sydney

“I feel motivated to be involved in community-based change. I feel that change is possible on a micro scale and that we have the power to create change collectively on a macro scale. It’s great to be involved in projects that work towards building a sustainable future and are community driven.”


Ellie & Rhonda

Mum and daughter, CVA SeaToSource volunteers

“There is no Planet B.”

Our projects:

CSIRO’s National Plastic Pollution Survey

Together with 3,500 volunteers, we’ve removed more than 181,200 plastic items from our waterways, wetlands and oceans − enough to fill an Olympic-sized pool.

Learn More

Revive our wetlands

Wetlands are a powerful ally in tackling climate change by capturing blue carbon, protecting our coasts from wild weather events, and cleaning our water. Help us protect and restore our wetlands.

Learn More

Wetland Photo Contest

Often when we think of wetlands, we think of muddy, mosquito-ridden swamps, but they are so much
more than that!
We’re calling on all members of the community, the youth, the amateurs and experienced photographers, and everyone in between, to celebrate their local wetlands by capturing their beauty and inhabitants and sending through their best photographs. We want our wetlands to be seen in a different light, so let’s give them the attention they deserve.



Plastic waste affects wildlife and ecosystems.

Plastic waste has a disastrous impact on the environment and the animals that call these places home.

Plastic pollution is everyone’s responsibility.

Research shows that litter isn’t just on the coastlines. Litter is found wherever there are people. Together, let’s catch these plastic beasts before they arrive in our oceans, wetlands and waterways

The change starts with each one of us.

The data we gather as a community is crucial to helping move the needle on the plastics crisis. Armed with these important numbers, we aim to influence consumers’ behaviour and purchasing decisions around plastic items and packaging.

Roll up your sleeves and help us make ocean litter a thing of the past.

There are many ways you can get involved and help us increase the health, abundance, diversity and resilience of species and populations of water ecosystems across Australia.


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