Saving Australia’s native frogs

Native frogs are an important part of Australia’s biodiversity and ecosystems. When we monitor native frog populations, we can get a good indication of how healthy our environment is as frogs are sensitive to changes in nature.

Unfortunately, 1 in 5 native frogs are almost extinct. We need to reverse this trend and help protect nature’s miniature alarm system.

Together with Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo, CVA’s been working to protect the critically endangered Spotted Tree Frog, a critically endangered species that has disappeared from 50% of their former habitat, with fewer than 1,000 frogs still in existence.

The program – ‘Saving the Frogs’ – helped to secure the survival, reproduction and genetics of this nationally endangered frog by supporting a 6-year management trial to remove non-native predatory fish, which eat their tadpoles, and therefor limit population growth.

The Spotted Tree Frog is also affected by chytrid fungus, a terrible skin disease which makes it difficult for them breathe (frogs’ breath through their skin). The fungus also damages their nervous system, affecting the frog’s behaviour.

About the Spotted Tree Frog

Also known as Spencer’s River Tree Frog, this species of amphibian lives in the mountain streams of north-eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales.

They prefer living near rocky, vegetated streams with a swift flow somewhere between 280 and 1110 metres above sea level.
Their favourite food is flying insects while they don’t mind a graze on bits of algae.

Litoria spenceri

You can pick one out by their olive-green colour, which is mixed with darker patterns across their back and a pale belly.

They are also extremely long lived for frogs. Some can live up to 10 years, with the oldest recorded living till 13!

Our Impact

Since starting the ‘Saving the Frogs’ program and removing over 14,000 non-native fish, we’ve seen a continued improvement to the overall ecosystem health, including an increase in native fish, crayfish and Spotted Tree Frog populations.

The program was in collaboration with Threatened Species Recovery Hub in partnership with Dr Matt West from Wild Research (Melbourne University), Taungurung Land and Waters Council, The Australian Trout Foundation, DELWP, Taronga Zoo and Zoos Victoria.

With your support we’d like to do more for this critically endangered Aussie frog and other endangered amphibians.

Take action for Australia’s frogs

Like the Spotted Tree Frog, Aussie amphibians are a special and important part of our ecosystem and natural environment.

But did you know 46 types of Australian frog are almost extinct? We’ve got to do something about that!

Learn all about our amazing frogs and how you can help them out by taking action for nature:

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