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Saving our Frogs: Friends of Freddo


CVA has partnered with Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo to encourage chocolate-lovers around the country to have a sweet spot for the threatened frog species of Australia.

With help from Freddo, CVA is working to create habitats and safe breeding grounds to protect the future of the Spotted Tree Frog – which is facing various threats, particularly after last summer’s devastating bushfires. In a move to encourage families to reconnect with nature, Freddo’s endangered real-life frog friends will again replace him on the front of the pack, encouraging Freddo fans to find out more about the frogs and motivate them to take actions that can help to save endangered wildlife.

Cadbury’s Marketing Manager, Katrina Watson says the Save The Frogs initiative is an appeal to Australians’ nostalgia for Freddo and passion for our native wildlife.

“While children are curious, adventurous, and inherently passionate about the world around them, we tend to lose this adventurous spirit as we get older,” says Ms. Watson. “This is our opportunity to foster Australians’ passion for the environment and encourage families to continue caring for nature so that these frogs can thrive for generations of adventurous explorers to come.”



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Geraldine Rep, CVA Strategic Partnerships Manager says the Wild Futures campaign team are delighted to have the support from Freddo and look forward to seeing many more homes created for these threatened species.


“These types of projects aren’t possible without support from partners like Cadbury, and we’re excited to see where this work extends for both our threatened species and the overall shared value through this partnership”



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