In Safe Hands: Free Safety Management Toolkit


Safety Management Toolkit

A Safety Management Toolkit for Community Disaster Recovery and Conservation Groups


Through support from the Australian Government, Conservation Volunteers Australia is helping support the national environmental volunteering response to bushfire recovery.


CVA supports people from all across Australia to get involved in activities that protect and restore the environment. In doing so, we’ve built a strong practice around community engagement, safe participation, and skills development to support people in caring for their environment.


From our experience in other disaster responses, we know that large numbers of people wish to contribute their time and skills to help with recovery. And we’ve been helping volunteers to direct their efforts to recovery actions that will make a considerable difference to the lives of those affected.




There are many groups involved in recovery efforts or working on projects that increase the resilience of ecosystems for future events, and we want to support that work wherever we can. One way we’re supporting groups is through sharing our practical safety management system, so everyone getting involved can do so safely.


That’s why we’re providing the full 4th edition of our In Safe Hands Toolkit free of charge to all groups, which includes full access to the embedded e-learning modules to complete as a self-paced course.


Encapsulating our 40 years of experience in operating practical conservation projects, we’ve provided the In Safe Hands Toolkit to thousands of groups along with training to get them going.  Written specifically for the work you do, this safety resource is practical, simple, and based on real-world knowledge.


Most importantly, it’s been proven to work.




Safety Management Toolkit


What are people saying about the Toolkit?


“I’ve been trying to sort out Risk Assessment for my networks activities for over a year and this workshop has provided me with a clear, easy to understand way of doing this. If I’d know it was this easy I would have implemented risk assessment activities months ago.”



“This handbook has made my task just so much easier and straight forward.”



“I have gained a lot of valuable information and skills regarding risks in the field and work place. I will pass the word on about how valuable this program can be for any group.”




Register and download the toolkit today and receive access to the complimentary e-learning package.



For more information, please visit our Bushfire Recovery Homepage.



Safety Management Toolkit


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