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Reviving the Elderfield Wetlands in Perth

Woodside staff in action

On the 21st of July, a team of 35 staff from Woodside volunteered to help revegetate a degraded area within the Elderfield Wetlands at Sandon Park, South Perth, WA.

This project was in collaboration with the City of South Perth and Perth NRM, and the first of five projects under the Woodside Revive Volunteering Program for this year with CVA.


What was achieved was a testament to the team – thousands of native wetland species were planted to help restore the vegetation and diversity within this area, improve stormwater drainage, and restore habitat for various species including wetland birds, and improve water quality.

The before and after photo’s look amazing. The Woodside team had a great day and they couldn’t have picked a better day for it – there was even a gap in the rain.



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