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Ready To Build Your Nature Block?

With millions of people across Australia living in urban areas, it’s more important than ever to consider how we can take action for the green and wild parts of our world. 

In fact as our cities rapidly sprawl, our impact on native plants and animals also grows. By taking time to look after these wild neighbours, you’re helping to build healthier cities – meaning addressing climate change and fostering greater biodiversity. 

How do you do this, you ask? We’re offering you the chance to create your own nature block which acts as a native garden for your local flowers, plants, bees, birds and other native wildlife to feed from and call home if they need one.

We’ll be sharing more about how to do this wherever you are in Australia soon, so stay tuned.


It starts with you

Before we launch this concept around Australia, we’re inviting people who live in one of the most precious and threatened urban ecosystems, the native grassy woodlands of northern Melbourne, to help their wild neighbours by creating their own nature block.

The greater number of people creating nature blocks, the better. Through individual nature blocks connecting to one another, connectivity corridors for native species are built which act as safe stop-off points for wildlife. 

By connecting with your community to look after nature by growing a garden full of native plants that will need less watering and less maintenance. Picture a flourishing nature block with year-round flowers to feed your native pollinators that you can observe as they come to visit across the seasons. 

Your nature block does not have to be big; one square meter is a great start – and it can grow as big as your imagination (and property) allows! 



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