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Protecting the western pygmy possum with the Landscapes Hills and Fleurieu

Partnering with Landscapes Hills and Fleurieu, CVA is helping to protect and monitor the endangered Western Pygmy Possum in South Australia.

The Western Pygmy Possum, native to much of the state, is a little marsupial known for its adorable appearance and tiny size. With its soft fur and large eyes, it’s irresistibly cute and cuddly.

It is also quite resilient, adapting well to a variety of habitats, from woodlands to heathlands to mallee scrub. Its nocturnal habits and agile climbing skills make it a fascinating creature to observe in the wild, adding to its charm and allure.

Credit: Ian R McCann

Despite this, the Western Pygmy Possum is endangered and incredibly rare throughout the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. This is mainly caused by continued degradation of their habitat and land clearing for agriculture and development.

With funding from the Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board’s Grassroots Grants Program, CVA was able to begin a monitoring project to assist these cute and cuddly critters in their survival.

With help from the community and some of our corporate partners we’ve been able to monitor existing nest boxes, and build and paint over 60 new boxes, which are slowly being installed in new areas that could have populations of the WPP we don’t know about.

We’ve also put out wildlife cameras all over the Fleurieu Peninsula to try and catch these cryptic little possums in the act.

It’s crucial that we continue our monitoring and surveillance to help us understand the population dynamics and to assess the health of their habitat in certain areas. This will provide us with invaluable data to ultimately contribute to the long-term survival of this cute and cuddly critter.

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