Weed the Woodlands for Wellness & Biodiversity

Londonderry Woodland Reserve is a haven for nature enthusiasts!
Accessible by invitation only, the woodland holds great significance as one of the last remaining examples of mature grassy woodland vegetation on the Cumberland Plain. It boasts majestic old trees and rare plants that serve as habitat for a diverse array of wildlife, including frogs, lizards, snakes, possums, and over 80 bird species.
Throughout the year, the reserve is adorned with vibrant colours due to its diverse understorey of rare herbs, orchids, and grasses. Rickaby’s Creek meanders through the reserve, creating a crucial corridor for eastern grey kangaroos and swamp wallabies, linking various patches of Cumberland Plain Woodland from the northeast to its termination at the Wianamatta Nature Reserve in the southeast.
Volunteers have the opportunity to assist CVA ensure the woodland’s ongoing protection by removing weeds, monitoring threatened species and undertaking “Caring for Country” activities with Dharug Traditional Owners.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to become a hero!



Can’t attend events on the ground?

We know that it’s not always easy to find time to volunteer with us, so we’ve created ways for people to take action anywhere, anytime. Everyone can take part and make a contribution to ocean, wetlands and rivers!

Take action from home with our SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge (coming February 2024) available on our CVA Community app.

Your mission?

Find all the plastic beasts lurking in your bin and cut down on the use of at least one. We will help you along the way with tips and guides. Did you conquer your plastic beast? Let’s find out!


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A call to action for Ocean, Wetlands & Rivers.

The future of Australia’s ocean, wetlands and rivers is in our hands. At CVA, we create opportunities for anyone, anywhere, to take practical actions and Sea The Change!

Over the next 5 years, we are committing to: 

  • Activating a community of people to remove 30 tonnes of rubbish from entering the environment.
  • Continue to contribute to CSIRO’s National Plastic Pollution Baseline Survey across the country.
  • Improve biodiversity, climate resilience, blue carbon storage potential, and habitat for our hero species on 14 wetlands in 6 capital cities and 3 regional centres.
  • Working alongside and supporting 80 community “care” and First Nations groups to catalyse action for ocean, wetlands and rivers.

Read our Charter for Change 🌱🌊🤝

🌟 Why Become a CVA Nature Steward? 🌟

  • Inspiration: Be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Empowerment: Your actions can change the course of nature.
  • Personal Connection: We speak your language and make it relatable.
  • Inclusivity: Everyone is welcome, and every contribution counts.
  • Optimism: Focus on win-win scenarios for nature and people.
  • Action-Oriented: Immediate, tangible steps you can take.
  • Fun: Enjoy the journey of making a difference.
  • Education: Learn about biodiversity and conservation while having a blast!