SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge

SeaToSource focuses on where all types of pollution start their journey and contributes to solving the world’s most solvable environmental issues – ocean litter.

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Plastic Pollution: Reasons to Take Action

Each year, around 13 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean, most of which is carried to the sea by rivers. The Ocean Cleanup estimates that 1000 rivers globally are responsible for nearly 80% of global annual riverine plastic emissions.

Plastic pollution impacts the health of marine species and ecosystems, food safety, human health, tourism, fisheries, aquaculture, and other industries. It’s estimated that there are about 50-75 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean, which breaks down into microplastics, forms giant plastic patches in the ocean, sinks to the ocean floor, and washes up along the coast.

In Australia alone, we consume 3.8 million tonnes of plastic annually, a figure three times the global average. That requires us to work especially hard at tackling plastic pollution and to collaborate in finding effective solutions to the plastic waste crisis.

Every Australian has the potential to be part of the plastic waste solution by helping to reduce plastic consumption and clean up beaches and coastlines of plastic. Taking steps to be more mindful of our own plastic consumption is the first step towards minimising and eliminating plastic.


How Much Plastic Is In Your Home?

A large portion of plastic waste emanates from homes, particularly when single-use plastics are discarded.

Taking steps to measure and track how much plastic waste each household consumes, creates awareness of how much plastic we are each responsible for. This can help to change consumer behavior and purchasing habits, helping people lead more sustainable lifestyles.

Many of the everyday products we consume can be replaced by plastic-free alternatives. From plastic shampoo bottles to plastic straws and disposable nappies – there are many opportunities for us to change our consumption patterns to be more sustainable.

That’s why we’ve created the SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge: to help Australians analyze their waste and become more mindful of their plastic consumption.

Empowering Every Household to be an Ocean Guardian

The SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge empowers every Australian household to play a part in protecting our ocean. Together, we can create a wave of change by choosing to eliminate plastic waste from our households.

Take part in our family-fun SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge and get your entire household involved in conducting a quick and easy at-home plastic waste audit. This is a positive step towards being an ocean guardian.

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