Restoring Connewarre’s Climate Resilience

Embark on a mission with us to safeguard the pristine aquatic landscapes surrounding Lake Connewarre and beyond. As stewards of these vital ecosystems, we’re committed to restoring and preserving the health and balance of our coastal habitats in the face of climate change.

Our initiative, “Resilient Wetlands,” focuses on 10 priority wetlands across Australia, including those near Lake Connewarre. Working closely with Traditional Owners, local communities, and collaborators, we’re dedicated to revitalising these critical environments.

We invite you to take part in hands-on activities such as litter clean-ups, invasive species weeding, and educational workshops. By actively engaging in these efforts, you’ll play a crucial role in preserving the vitality of Bellarine’s coastal ecosystems. Our focus extends beyond preservation — we aim to revive and sustain these habitats, ensuring their resilience to the challenges posed by a changing climate.

Throughout our initiative, we’ll explore different waterway terrains. Each landscape presents unique challenges and opportunities, contributing to our overarching goal of preserving the interconnectedness of our aquatic environments. By delving deeper into these landscapes, we gain a greater understanding of their importance and the role they play in climate resilience.

Join us today to experience the beauty of our wetlands and be a part of this vital mission. Together, let’s protect and restore wetlands to ensure clean air, fresh water, and safe futures for generations to come.

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Can’t attend events on the ground?

We know that it’s not always easy to find time to volunteer with us, so we’ve created ways for people to take action anywhere, anytime. Everyone can take part and help build resilience and adaptation to climate change!

Take action from home with our two app-led activities available on our CVA Community app:

  • Contribute to cooling your neighbourhood by planting climate-resilient native species in your backyard or on your balcony with Nature Blocks.
  • Lower your household carbon footprint by participating in the SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge and cutting back on your consumption of fossil fuel-based plastics.


Download the CVA Community app and get started now!


🌟 Why Become a CVA Nature Steward? 🌟

  • Inspiration: Be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Empowerment: Your actions can change the course of nature.
  • Personal Connection: We speak your language and make it relatable.
  • Inclusivity: Everyone is welcome, and every contribution counts.
  • Optimism: Focus on win-win scenarios for nature and people.
  • Action-Oriented: Immediate, tangible steps you can take.
  • Fun: Enjoy the journey of making a difference.
  • Education: Learn about biodiversity and conservation while having a blast!