Protecting Perth’s Powerful Wetlands

Wetlands, also known as blue carbon ecosystems, have many superpowers. Wetlands are one of our greatest nature-based solutions to tackling climate change, having the ability to capture carbon up to 40 times faster than forests, and store it for thousands of years!

Wetlands are crucial for climate resilience, supporting communities and our environment to be able to adapt and recover from the impacts of our changing climate. As our climate becomes more unpredictable and severe, wetlands are now being recognised as one of the most reliable and long-term answers. Additionally, depending on where the wetland is located, they can contribute to urban cooling and local climate regulation.

Wetlands are also some of the most biodiverse and productive ecosystems in the world. They offer nutrient-rich environments for life to flourish and serve as sanctuaries for many native animal and plant species. Some of these species are categorized as threatened, rare, or endemic, meaning they exist nowhere else on Earth.

Many of Perth’s wetlands, including Forrestdale Lake and Bibra Lake are home to some incredible migratory birds and rare species, having international and regional significance.

However, despite their significance, wetlands are disappearing at alarming rates and are now one of the most threatened ecosystems globally. But together we can help save these critical natural havens.

From learning about what impacts we have on our local wetlands to coming down and directly contributing to wetland conservation and rehabilitation activities, there is something that all of us can do.

Join us to help protect and restore these sensitive blue carbon ecosystems so that they can continue their vital work to ensure we have clean air, healthy and biodiverse habitats, fresh water, and a safe future.

Come down and get involved at Bibra Lake and Forrestdale Lake with:

  • Wetland planting and tree guard maintenance activities to support native seedlings and biodiversity.
  • Weeding on invasive plants and other wetland rehabilitation activities.
  • Learn about your local wetland through educational sessions and expert talks.

Can’t attend events on the ground?

We know that it’s not always easy to find time to volunteer with us, so we’ve created ways for people to take action anywhere, anytime. Everyone can take part and help build resilience and adaptation to climate change!

Take action from home with our two app-led activities available on our CVA Community app:

  • Contribute to cooling your neighbourhood by planting climate-resilient native species in your backyard or on your balcony with Nature Blocks.
  • Lower your household carbon footprint by participating in the SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge and cutting back on your consumption of fossil fuel-based plastics.

Download the CVA Community app and get started now!


🌟 Why Become a CVA Nature Steward? 🌟

  • Inspiration: Be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Empowerment: Your actions can change the course of nature.
  • Personal Connection: We speak your language and make it relatable.
  • Inclusivity: Everyone is welcome, and every contribution counts.
  • Optimism: Focus on win-win scenarios for nature and people.
  • Action-Oriented: Immediate, tangible steps you can take.
  • Fun: Enjoy the journey of making a difference.
  • Education: Learn about biodiversity and conservation while having a blast!