Working towards a world in which people and nature flourish together

We exist to strengthen the health of communities and ecosystems for mutual benefit, across Australia. Through our work, we’re building a more harmonious and helpful relationship between people and nature.

People tell us that they want to play their part to re-balance nature, but they don’t know where to start. So, for almost 40 years we’ve been working to give people that opportunity through hands on volunteering. 

Now, we’re growing our work to empower anyone across Australia to take action for nature through an even wider range of practical activities. 

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People like you who care enough to make a difference - join us on exciting projects which span everything from ocean litter to bushfire resilience, and citizen science to climate change.
Nature back in balance

Featured Projects

Beach cleanup volunteer. Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

Preparing for Flood Recovery

Sign up for notifications of upcoming opportunities to help repair the environmental damage caused by the recent floods in NSW and Queensland.

Preparing for flood recovery


Together we can tackle one of the world's most solvable environmental challenges - ocean litter. We're building a movement of people working to address the issue from the sea all the way back to the source, around Australia.


Revive Our Wetlands

Join us to Revive Our Wetlands, and help this nationwide effort to protect and restore one of our most powerful allies in tackling climate change.

Revive Our Wetlands
Anyone can help

Bushfire Resilience & Recovery

Leading the way to develop community resilience and nature's recovery from Bushfires and other natural disasters.

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Seeds Of Change

Play a role in creating new homes for Koalas in NSW & QLD, to protect the future of one of our country's most iconic furry friends.

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Tending to a nature block for My Wild Neighbours

Nature Blocks

Keen to create more habitat for your wild neighbours? Northern Melbournites can join our project which gives you all the know-how and connections you'll need.

Nature Blocks – Northern Melbourne

Nature Ambassadors

Join forces with like-minded people to make a difference in your community, because together, we can make a greater impact. Opportunities nationwide.

Nature Ambassadors

Citizen Science

Citizen science brings together people and science, to create a better future for nature and people. Become a wildlife spotter today and help projects around the country from the comfort of home.

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Bandicoot Recovery

Do your bit to monitor and restore vital habitat for this ecosystem engineer with our project which supports the Eastern Barred Bandicoot Recovery Team.

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Save Our Frogs

Love frogs? We're working to create habitats and safe breeding grounds to protect the future of the Spotted Tree Frog.

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Sugar Gliders: My Wild Western Sydney Neighbour

Get involved in identifying and protecting homes of the amazing little sugar gliders, and restoring habitat to create a safe future for them in the outskirts of Western Sydney.

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We’re here to make it easy to take action for nature across Australia, and we would love your help. Check out the ways that you can get involved wherever you're based.