Can you help with flood recovery?

The floods in southern Queensland and northern NSW have been heart-wrenching. They have devastated people in those regions as well as the natural environment. People are still attempting to process what has happened.

While first responders, support services and communities continue to work tirelessly to provide immediate relief for people who have been impacted, planning is also underway to start the longer process of environmental recovery.  There are tonnes of plastic littering beaches with debris that was washed downstream, each piece with the potential to kill ocean wildlife. There are thousands of koala habitat trees that we have planted with local communities over the past months and years and they are are now destroyed, leaving koalas without food and shelter. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be offering opportunities for volunteers to safely lend a hand to the slow process of recovery and repair.

If you would like to pre-register your interest in helping, please, sign up below. No amount of help is too small. We will be sending updates via email as these opportunities arise.

If you aren’t able to physically be out there with us but would like to provide support, we are a registered non-profit organisation that needs funds to continue our work. You can donate here to help us fund our work.

Register your interest in helping now, please.