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Photo Competition (With Prizes) Alert!


Photo credit: Sam Rye


Want to share your passion for photography and our beautiful wetlands with the world?


Welcome to our wetlands photo competition, where you have the chance to showcase your passion and talents, and win prizes, too.


Wetlands are often perceived as muddy, mosquito-ridden swamps, but they are so much more than that. Do you have a different view of wetland areas?


Perhaps you have a special wetland area near you and have found yourself heading back there time after time, always discovering something new? Through this competition, and with your help, we hope to bring the focus onto these areas of supreme natural beauty and the wildlife who live there, and change the lens on Australian wetlands for the world.


Your challenge: to capture your local wetlands in a new light. This could be by heading down at a certain time of day, to a lesser-known spot or perhaps capturing a special moment up-close with wildlife ⎻ let your creativity be your guide.


By entering the photo competition, you’ll be contributing to conservation efforts by increasing awareness of the diversity and abundance of native flora and fauna who call the wetlands home, bringing the natural glory of our wetlands to people who may not have had (or will never have) the chance to see them with their own eyes. You’ll also have the chance to flex your photography muscles, gain national exposure for your work and win one of the following excellent prizes:


  1. Fujifilm Instax mini 40 Instant Camera (Youth prize)
  2. GoPro HERO8 valued at $450 (Adult Amateur prize)
  3. GoPro HERO8 valued at $450 (Adult Professional prize)


Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, young or not-as-young, you’re welcome to submit your chosen photo into one of the following categories:


  1. Youth (5-15 years old)
  2. Adult amateur (you’ve been taking photos for less than a year)
  3. Adult professional


***The competition opens September 1st and closes November 11th 2022 at 5 pm EST.***

Winners will be announced on the 18th November 2022.


Submit your competition entry here


Why care about wetlands? 


Wetlands are a critical part of our natural environment and a vital link between land and water. As some of the most biodiverse and productive ecosystems on earth, wetlands have many superpowers, including:

  • They can sequester carbon up to 40 times faster than terrestrial forests can (and store it for thousands of years)
  • They are water purifiers with potent toxin and pollution filtering and absorption capabilities
  • They provide a nutrient-rich environment for marine and terrestrial life to thrive, some of which are found nowhere else on the planet, and
  • They play a huge role in the fight against climate change.


Freshwater and coastal wetlands are referred to as blue and teal carbon. Research conducted by Edith Cowan University found Australia is home to around 10 per cent of the world’s blue and teal carbon wetlands and their carbon sequestration absorbs the same annual emissions as 4 million cars each year.


RAMSAR listed wetlands of significance

Australia is home to 66 Ramsar-listed wetlands of significance across the country, covering more than 8.3 million hectares. RAMSAR listed wetlands are wetlands of significance that are representative, rare or unique, and important for conserving biological diversity, often supporting threatened and endemic species and habitats, such as for the:

  • Bush mouse in Brisbane
  • Snake-necked turtle in WA
  • Yellow sedge butterfly in SA

Wetlands provide an important range of social, cultural and economic benefits. Many wetlands are areas of great natural beauty, an oasis and escape from the metropolitan areas in which they are situated near, and popular tourism and recreational areas for the surrounding community.

Wetlands have immense cultural significance from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Wetlands underpin Indigenous history, innovation and culture, and are fundamental to their spiritual beliefs, having significance as ceremonial and initiation sites, and traditional hunting and gathering grounds.

As the driest inhabited continent on the planet, water is vital, yet we have already lost more than 50% of our wetlands.


Climate change heroes

As well as being vital in tackling climate change, wetlands reduce the impacts of floods, offer significant ecosystem services and improve water quality, as well as being home for a wide variety of native animals, fish and plants, many of which are unique to the wetland environment. 


So let’s raise awareness and do all we can to protect our wetlands. Are you in?


Submit your competition entry here



Photo credit: Sam Rye


Want to learn more about blue carbon or get involved in conservation efforts near you?



***The small print: No personal information will be shared without your and/or your parent/legal guardians’ consent. Students’ contact details will be deleted from our system after prizes are awarded and communicated. Permission will be sought prior to presenting entries on any digital or non-digital platforms. 


This competition is made possible through support from our partners at Chevron Australia.


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