Patrick O’Callaghan EM Campaigns & Engagement


I have always been involved in the quest for sustainability. My conservation background is blended with organisational leadership, ecosystem management and business development, which gives me a unique mix of insights and experience in the conservation domain.

I thrive on developing cause-based businesses and innovative programs and I’m driven by the idea that mainstream behaviours and systems are just a tweak or two away from being able to address some of the big challenges facing us today. That is why I am particularly proud of the campaign-based focus CVA has now adopted – it will allow us to set determined goals and use program logic to reach more certain, measurable outcomes.

My vision for CVA is to be a flagship for best practice conservation thinking across our support groups – from corporate and government to the people in communities right across Australia. Enthusiastic and patient leadership is what I bring to the team in my Executive Manager role.

I also have a thing for heirloom tomatoes and try in vain to grow sub-tropical fruit trees in my largely inappropriate home climate in southern Victoria.


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