Involving communities in important environmental projects depends on our partners. CVA is all about connecting people to nature – which means that our work aligns powerfully with strategies, policies and global commitments of governments across Australia.

Australia’s Strategy for Nature

Australia's Strategy for Nature

“By connecting people with nature, we enhance their desire to care for nature, which in turn builds knowledge that can be shared to improve our care for nature and the benefits we receive from connecting with nature.”

– Australia’s Strategy for Nature 2019–2030


Strategy for Nature: Goal 1 – Connect all Australians with Nature

Most Australians care about nature. However, modern life means many of us have become disconnected from nature in our daily lives and sometimes we forget its importance. Connecting Australians with nature is essential to our long-term mental and physical health, economic prosperity and national identity.


Government Partnerships

CVA has a unique mix of extensive experience and much accumulated knowledge and capacity to manage projects in partnership with others including propriety abilities and proven capacity in project monitoring and reporting.

We are Australia’s leading agents in the management of programs to deliver economic, employment and environmental outcomes. We show this by implementing thousands of projects under national initiatives such as Green Corps, Green Army, and our current role in COVID-recovery programs such as Working for Victoria.

Under our campaign approach we develop initiatives that engage community at scale in priority environmental issues.

For example, with funding from the Australian Government, #SeaToSource is working with local communities and businesses to tackle marine debris across 6 states and protect the Great Southern Reef in a three year project focused on local actions to clean-up and prevent litter from entering waterways, improving the health of the reef and its inhabitants.

CVA is adaptable and quick to respond to emerging challenges – in January 2020 CVA was appointed national coordinator for the environmental volunteering recovery from the 2019-2020 Bushfires, and lead an effort to inform, recruit and refer people to appropriate projects across Australia.


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