As Australia’s conservation engagement experts, we partner with leading Australian businesses who support us in our goal to build and activate a national community of nature stewards.

Why our corporate partners choose to work with us: 

  • Support long term and meaningful environmental and social impact 
  • Get behind on-ground and in-community outcomes that are measurable and evidenced 
  • Enhance brand awareness, brand value and competitiveness  
  • Powerful staff engagement opportunities that can build stronger teams, enhance employee understanding of company CSR strategy and increase staff pride in your business 
  • Generating positive and compelling stories of change within your communities of interest 


Partnering through our campaigns

We work with our partners and their communities to create lasting impact through five Campaigns that take on the biggest conservation challenges of our time. Each campaign houses a variety of projects that can be scaled to meet your level of investment.  

We have 40 years of experience delivering award-winning marketing, corporate social responsibility, and shared value partnerships across Australia. 

We love to get creative with our partners and take a collaborative approach to building impactful partnerships that tell a great story. Our dedicated Partnerships Team can work with you to find your strongest campaign alignment and co-develop a partnership that reflects your brand values and sustainability strategy.  



CVA has developed Corporate Partnerships for almost 40 years to deliver environmental action

Award winning

We are proud to have received awards, including: 

  • Banksia Sustainability Finalist 2021 
  • United Nations Global 500  
  • Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Community Business Partnerships 
  • Australian Financial Review Corporate Partnership Award 


70% of Australians agree that a company can take actions that both increase profits and improve conditions in communities where it operates.

– Edelman Trust Barometer 2020


SDG Alignment

Our five Campaigns reflect and respond to the environmental and societal issues that are front of mind for Australian communities, are priorities for community leaders and governments and are recognised globally within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) notably: 

CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 3 CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 11 CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 12 CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 13CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 14 CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 15 CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 17

“CVA is a down to earth organisation that wants to make a real impact on the environment and with its volunteers. CVA is easy to work with and can easily find common interests for a mutually beneficial partnership. Inherently tied to their purpose is a hands-on approach to sustainability, which is a fantastic attribute to a CSR program.”

– Hayley Wright, Social Impact Manager, Vitality Brands


Corporate Challenge Series

The environmental challenges we face today need action on a large scale. The Corporate Challenge Series offers corporate teams the opportunity to take part in significant conservation action, while competing against other corporate teams across Australia.  

Featuring quarterly challenges based on different conservation themes throughout the year, our events are a great way to engage employees in a fun and safe environment, virtually or in person around the country.  


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