Conservation Volunteers has a fair, sustainable, responsible, and ethical approach to procuring and delivering goods and services.

We like working with suppliers who hold the same values and consistently provide quality goods and services. Sounds like your business? Apply to become a CVA Preferred Supplier!


Preferred Supplier benefits:


Here’s why it’s worth becoming a CVA Preferred Supplier:


  • Preferential selection in all CVA procurement


  • Reduced cost: Enjoy streamlined and cost-effective direct access to procurement requirements, with improved payment terms


  • Improved service quality: A closer relationship with CVA gives Preferred Suppliers a better understanding of CVA’s business, which makes them better placed to meet (and exceed) expectations


  • Simpler communication


  • Lower risk: A Preferred Supplier program can reduce your supply chain risk


  • Increased efficiency: Buyers across the organisation will find it quicker and easier to do business with Preferred Suppliers


  • Better contractual terms


  • Improved consistency: Preferred Suppliers deliver a consistently high-quality service, allowing for longer relationships


Apply for CVA Preferred Supplier status


  1. Apply for Preferred Supplier status using one of the application forms below.
  2. CVA will email you the result of your application.
  3. We look forward to welcoming you on board but, if it’s declined, your CVA business representative will be happy to discuss your application.


Australian Preferred Supplier Application Form