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What differentiates us to other environmental organisations is how we place conservation in the hands of everyone because we know that nature stewardship strengthens the health of communities and ecosystems for mutual benefit. Our contribution includes projects and initiatives to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems for impact on people and nature.

Our Corporate Partnerships

Momentum is building for organisations to step up and scale up actions and commitments to contribute to the Global Goal for Nature. At CVA we are ambitious. We’re on a mission to empower another million actions for nature by 2030. But we won’t get there alone, and just as we need every single pair of hands we can find, we also need the support of high-profile businesses to enable Nature Stewardship amongst community and support a Nature Positive future for us all.

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A partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia means you help support national projects that protect and restore local ecosystems and impact on local communities. CVA is grateful for the the amazing people and partners across the country who support the cause.

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Our Government Partners

As one of Australia’s peak environment NGOs, over the past 40 years we have worked in collaboration with multiple Local, State and Federal Governments to develop and deliver innovative programs to connect people and nature for mutual benefit. These partnerships (clickable link) deliver policy, community and conservation priorities and support governments to achieve the goals of Australia’s Strategy for Nature.

Lasting change, at scale
Lasting change, at scale

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